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External Pluralism Protection in Five EU Countries and the U.S.: The Regulatory Authorities’ Views.
Observatorio (OBS*), vol 6(1) 2012, 129-157.
Co-authored with: Nuria Almiron, Carles Llorens, Ana I. Segovia, Juan José Bas & Helena P. Grau

The protection of pluralism in a cross-media scenario is a major concern for regulatory authorities in all democratic countries. This paper presents the outcome of in-depth interviews with members of six independent audiovisual regulatory authorities. They were questioned about the assessment of measures being taken to protect external pluralism in their respective countries, and about the problems and shortcomings they encounter during their implementation. In spite of the difficulties that arise when trying to compare different national realities and to gather qualitative data from legal bodies, this paper draws several conclusions on current policy trends for the protection of pluralism.

Key words: pluralism, regulatory authorities, European Union, United States

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