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Spain and Sweden: Comparative notes about public policy addressing the implementation of DTT.

Sphera Pública
Issue #9: Research in DTT in Spain | Investigación en España sobre TDT
Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia
Editors: Dra. Josefina Sánchez y Dra. Isabel Sarabia

This paper has been elaborated with some of the preliminary results of my PhD dissertation: “Public Policy for Digital Terrestrial Television in the European Union. Comparative study of Sweden and Spain”. It wants to contribute to identifying best practices as well as success key factors that would help to design more effective public policy addressing the digital transition of terrestrial broadcasting. In order to do so, the national cases of Spain and Swede are compared. Their institutional structures involved in that process, their legitimation logics and the strategies implemented are analysed.

Keywords: Comparative analysis, Digital Terrestrial Television, Public Policy, Spain, Sweden.

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