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“Hybrid television: opportunities and challenges for public broadcasters to improve their service to the citizenship.”

IAMCR 2010 International Conference - Communication & citizenship
Minho University
Braga, July 18th-23rd, 2010

This presentation wants to contribute to the analysis of the current processes of redefinition and repositioning of Public Service Broadcasting in the multiplatform scenario. In order to do so, in first place, an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) that Hybrid Television implies for Public Service Broadcasters will be carried out. Following that, some of the most relevant experiences across Europe will be identified and described. Finally, based on the current state of the art, and with the aim of participating in the main debate topic of the working group, the opportunities for empowering the participation of the citizenship in the field of public service raised by the convergence between broadband and broadcast will be detected and discussed.

Keywords: Public Service, Hybrid Television, SWOT Analysis, Citizenship Participation.
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