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External Pluralism Protection in Five EU Countries and the U.S.: The Regulatory Authorities’ Views.
Observatorio (OBS*), 2012, vol 6(1), 129-157.
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Communication Policies and the Protection of Pluralism in the European Union and the United States.
Comunicación y Sociedad, 2012, vol. 24(2), 41-75.
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Public Policy Best Practice in the Field of Digital Terrestrial Television: Lessons from Sweden and Spain.
International Journal of Digital Television, 2011, vol. 2(3), 297-320.
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Digitalising terrestrial broadcasting - Public Policy and Public Service Issues.
Communication, Politics & Culture, 2010, vol. 43, nº2, 99-117
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Spain and Sweden: Comparative Notes about Public Policy Addressing the Implementation of DTT.
Sphera Pública, 2009, #9, 55-78 (in Spanish)
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The Migration towards Digital Terrestrial Television: Challenges for Public Policy and Public Broadcasters.
Observatorio (OBS*), 2007, vol. 1(1), 185-203.
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The Public Image of Immigration in News Programmes in National and Regional Television Channels in Spain.
Quaderns del CAC, 2006, 23-24, 85-102.
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