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Research Visits
Institutionen für Journalistik, Medier och Kommunikation - University of Stockholm (Sweden)
Dates: August 2004 - December 2004
Funding: AGAUR - Generalitat de Catalunya
Objective: Field research for my PhD dissertation

My main objective was acquiring a better knowledge of the Swedish media market and analysing the public policies for digital television. I interviewed relevant media professionals as well as officials from several public institutions like the Digital Television Kommissionen and the Radio och Television Verket.

This research visit provided me with an in-depth view of the technological, political and economic details of the Swedish implementation plan for DTT. It also allowed me to learn about how public communication strategies can boost the migration of the audience.

My work was supervised by Prof. Jan Ekecrantz and Prof. Ester Pollack. At the end of my visit, I presented the results of my research: The Road to Digital Television in Sweden - State of the art and methodological tools for comparative/evaluating studies.

Besides my own research, I took part in several activities organised by the JMK. I contributed to the doctoral seminar "Comparative Television Studies", where I gave the lecture " Spanish Television: An approach to its structure and programming tendencies (2003/2004)".

If you are interested in these presentations or the results of my research, contact me.
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